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23 [Voice] (Action for Housemates?)
This plan is perfect!
[It was December 22nd, and to Gold, that meant one thing--

...Okay, two things. The first was that Christmas was drawing near. And Christmas meant presents, and presents are always good. Preeeseeeeents.

But the second was potentially more important to Gold. December 24th was Silver's birthday. There was no way he could let Silver's birthday go uncelebrated; no matter how much the latter might protest. Time to plot. To the journal!

[Filtered away from Silver | 100% unhackable | It's probably only unhackable due to stupid luck.]

So, you guys know my buddy Silver, right? Long red hair, pale eyes, with a a look on his face that he couldn't give a Rattata's ass about anything? Yeah, that guy.

I'm throwin' him a birthday party on the 24th. Since that's, y'know, his birthday! I don't think he's ever actually had a birthday party in his life. Anyway, he doesn't really have a lot of friends here yet. It's kinda his nature to try and seclude himself from people. But all he needs is a push! So it'd really mean a hell of a lot to him--and to me--if people came to celebrate his birthday.

...Not that he'll admit it, of course. He'll just tsun out over it. That's also his nature.


So, you guys think anything big'll happen still this month? The Mallies seem pretty keen on hitting the big Earth holidays, after all! I mean, we got the lights strung up all over the place, but there's way more to Christmas than some pretty lights and a piece of mistletoe here and there! Don'tcha think so?

((ooc: Birthday log is here!))

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His birthday...? Really?

Yep, his birthday. Pretty crazy, huh?

If he's never had one before we should do our best to make it a good one.

Anything I can do to help with preparations?

Helping to decorate the Rec Center would be a good start. I gotta focus on gettin' a cake.

It's very nice of you to throw your friend a birthday party! I'm sure he'll be very appreciative of it, especially if he's never had a birthday party before.

Yeah, I know, right? It'll totally knock his socks off!

Are you going to make it a themed party? Themes are always a lot of fun for parties and if you use the right theme it can provide a good way to learn new things!

Yes! Like pirates or maybe a period in time or something like that!

Eh.... that night?

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FEEL FREE TO LINK TO DW IN YOUR NEXT REPLY ??? If you had somewhere for it to go

Oh. Good. I'll be there!

Eh? Silver's birthday's the 24th, too?

Whaddya mean 'too'?

Oh, I just learned that Furukawa-san's birthday is also on the 24th. It's funny that they share a birthday.

Yeah, funny. [Come on, Mikado, even Gold knows that's not THAT weird. With 400 people in the village, someone has to have the same birthday.]

...So, do you have any plans for him?

[Silly Gold, thinking Silver regularly checks his journal, let alone knows how to hack things.

But he is poking his head in your door. He's learned from just before the draft that he apparently shouldn't knock, so. Hey Gold hey Gold hey Gold hey hey hey listen]

[yeah well shut up.

Gold is laying on his bed, minding his own business. Nope, no plotting going on here, nosirree.


[Showing Gold a bowl of ice cream.]

[...Sitting up now.]

Ice cream?

Got a question for you. [Ice cream for an answer. Trade?]

[voice] hi kyo hi we're tagging

[Hm hm hm, stretched out on his belly looking through the weird book full of people talking-- Oh hi it's someone who lives in this big house. Mithos has seen him around but they haven't talked much.]

There's gonna be a party for Silver? [he's never been to a birthday party before 8Ua]

[voice] oh god we're tagging what do

Yep! The guy's sorely in need of one!

[voice] ahhh I don't know this like never happens oh god

Does everybody need a party on their birthday?

[voice] let's just... wing it and hope for the best

Well, yeah. Don't you think celebrating the day someone was born is pretty worthy of a party?

I've never had a-- [He stops, because he doesn't want Gold to think he's weird. and birthday parties sound pretty darn great.]

Um...I guess so...!

... Ah, there's another birthday on the 24th?

Seriously, what's with this 'another' stuff?

Well, a friend of mine is also having her birthday then... But I'm sure I can manage to attend both!

Obviously, you're coming to Silver's above all else, riiiight?

Of course! [Gosh, he almost sounds offended!] There's no way I'd want to miss it!

I know that guy.

What's a birthday?

You know, a birthday. Day of birth. That day you're born? Really kinda super special.

...He's... not a newborn, though?

[What are calendars what day recording and recognition]

...I don't think we're talking about the same thing.

He was at one point on this day. So it's pretty special to him. Like the anniversary of the day he was born!

Huh. How do you know it's the same day?

[... Well, at least she knows now that Silver's appearance hasn't changed from those muddled childhood memories. That's cute.]

How old will he be, Gold?

... He's only fourteen? [WHAT IS THIS.]

(Deleted comment)
That's good to hear, then!

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