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21 [Action/Voice]
You're kidding me right?
[Action for House 15 residents/anyone near the house unfortunate enough to overhear them]

[It's been a couple weeks since more of Gold's friends had arrived, and a couple weeks since they'd all moved into the house. It was pretty normal and to be expected, honestly. ...What wasn't normal was how Silver and Blue acted around each other. What they did on their own back home wasn't his business. They could do whatever the hell they wanted for all he cared. But this was his house, and to be honest, such blatant PDAs wasn't something he wanted to see on a regular basis, especially involving Silver of all people. It was time to settle the score.]

...Hey, Silver.

[Silver sighs, putting down the book that was written by his father.] Yeah?

What's the deal with you and Blue?


You're supposed to be siblings, aren't you?

Yeah. What's your point?

The stuff you guys do goes way beyond siblings, 'least at your ages.

What are you talking about?

Dude, you guys sleep together, you lounge all over each other in the living room... You
together... She smushes your face in her boobs, for cryin' out loud! You act
like a couple more than siblings!

[Silver pauses.]

You know, I've heard you say a lot of stupid things, but that really takes the cake.

Prove it. How's it stupid? How's that stuff normal?

You're crazy. Isn't that enough proof?

And you're not crazy? When'd you become such a comedian?

How am I crazy?

You just are. Isn't that enough proof?

I'm not half as crazy as you are.

Still means you're crazy!

There's nothing wrong or weird about any of those things, Gold.

Yeah, there is.

Why don't you prove it?

Fine, I will! [Gold pulled out his journal, all the while still arguing with Silver.]





[Immediately after that argument, Gold began his recording, Silver still nearby.]

So, Luceti, quick question. Do you think it's normal to sleep with and lounge all over and shower with your sibling on a regular basis?

((ooc: Joint post! Replies will come from both Gold and Silver in an order of You > Gold > Silver unless otherwise stated!))

... S-shower with?

Yeah, shower with.

That's disgusting! [WHAT THE HELL.]

That's what I said! It's one thing when you're, like, four! But they're teens!

[...Gold did you just publicly broadcast this shit?]

[ he opens this fucking book to the weirdest questions. ]


... that's kind of weird. That sounds more like a wife than a sibling.

My brother and I sleep in the same room. [ al doesn't really see anything wrong with this man. ]

I think most of my siblings would try and kill me well before any of that could happen.

I think that takes family feuding to a whole new level, dude.

[ ... so he should be staying quiet and hidden. but. ] You make it sound as if that's something to be ashamed of.

Of course it is normal~ Providing both parties are aware that when the time comes their offspring will be littered with birth defects.

However, I would think that just because this world has little in the way of laws that there would be few of this world's inhabitants ready to jump so readily to bloom into incest~

[...Man, and people call him a pervert. These guys have way dirtier minds.]

Not like that! I mean sleepin' in the same bed still!

[Oh, hi guys! What exactly did I just walk in on? ... Also, thanks for the image of sleeping with bro. Trying not to vomit.]

Maybe I should just go before they drag me into this... [Turns to leave! Just try and stop him!!]

[You're not going anywhere Aoba.]

Hey, Ao! Get over here!

(Deleted comment)
But what about the people who see them like that?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[walking in, delivering a clip to the back of Gold's head with the book she's holding]

There's nothing wrong with how we behave with each other.

Ow! Maybe not to you there isn't!

['re kidding, right.] I've done that with my siblings. To me, it's normal.

[He has yet to mention he has brothers, not sisters.]

Wouldn't know. Don't have siblings.

Kind of hard to when you simply exist, as opposed to being born.

[Written 2/2, five minutes later]

Why, are you jealous that she spends more time with her brother than with you?

Well, two out of three of that don't seem that bad...

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