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22 [Action]
We'll start the show with this one!
[The plaza is empty today, quiet, as the snow continues to bear down on the village on day four of the November snowstorm. Not a soul can be seen. Near the entrance of the plaza, at the four-way intersection, there are two large piles of snow, one on the left and one on the right. It seems so... normal.

Of course, this is Luceti. There's no such thing as "normal". The moment someone comes near the plaza, a snowball comes flying out from one of the two snow piles. Afterwards, the ones responsible reveal themselves, stepping up from behind the snow piles.

Ready, Red? Let's get 'em!

Heh! You don't even need to ask. I've been waiting for this all day, Gold.

[You have just entered into a snowball war with Gold and Red. What do?]

((ooc: Joint post with Red! That's all I do these days, I guess. Order will follow as You > Gold > Red. Threadjacking is also totally allowed, and even encouraged!))

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[Man Spada, how'd you get so pro at this.]

Uh, sure. [Except he wasn't a whole lot of help then either.] I really think you should take care of the snowball throwing, though, I've never had a really strong arm for that kind of thing...

[He's never had a strong anything for sports. But he'll keep an eye out as best he can.]

Then our course of action is clear! [Gold scoops up a pile of snow, forms it into a ball, and lobs it at Spada!]

[Right! Red will do his best to aim his next snowball towards Spada's other side -- though it will expose him for a couple seconds, battles were never fun without their risks.]

(Deleted comment)
I'm not getting in your way?

[That is, he thinks, the best thing he could possible do. And he's making snowballs!

And might be trying his hand at pelting one he's made towards Red.]

[If you two are both so focused on Red, you won't be able to deal with Gold, who lobs not one, but TWO snowballs, one each at both of his enemies!]

[Oh geez, well, with both of them aiming at Red it's hard for him to find the time to send a fast one over to them. Ducking, dodging, trying his best to evade, one does manage to hit him in the arm.

Red's counting on you to work magic, Gold!]

(Deleted comment)
[Luca also gets hit, but for vastly different reasons - he sucks at dodging, and decides that yeah, he's probably better off just msking snowballs than actually trying to throw them.]

I wouldn't mind if it turned into a war of attrition. Then we'd just have to wait until they ran out of energy or got bored. [But that wouldn't suit Spada's tastes at all, would it.] It'd be hard to flank them in this kind of environment, and it'd be suicidal to charge them...

[Luca's a thinker, not a fighter, anyway.]

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