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22 [Action]
We'll start the show with this one!
[The plaza is empty today, quiet, as the snow continues to bear down on the village on day four of the November snowstorm. Not a soul can be seen. Near the entrance of the plaza, at the four-way intersection, there are two large piles of snow, one on the left and one on the right. It seems so... normal.

Of course, this is Luceti. There's no such thing as "normal". The moment someone comes near the plaza, a snowball comes flying out from one of the two snow piles. Afterwards, the ones responsible reveal themselves, stepping up from behind the snow piles.

Ready, Red? Let's get 'em!

Heh! You don't even need to ask. I've been waiting for this all day, Gold.

[You have just entered into a snowball war with Gold and Red. What do?]

((ooc: Joint post with Red! That's all I do these days, I guess. Order will follow as You > Gold > Red. Threadjacking is also totally allowed, and even encouraged!))

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[Red's fate is to forever be buried in ice or snow apparently -- but a shounen protagonist never gave up so easily! Emerging from everything in a somewhat exaggerated style, you got the kid, Gold! Red's going to go head on with the dragon. Or at least, try to with the best of his abilities.]

(Deleted comment)

Come on, dude, what was that pitiful thing? Gold ducks down, then lobs his own, much better-made snowball back at him!

[Red's so got this. Or at least, he believes he has it. C'mon Toothless! Try to catch him. Running around all over the place, they might notice he has his Pikachu out now -- supplying him with ammo every so often.]

(Deleted comment)
[Oh geez... Well, Red can handle it, right?! Throwing another snowball at Hiccup!]

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